Julia Ingram

Julia Ingram

Counseling with Julia Ingram

I’m ready to meet you where you are.  This means ditching the one-size-all fits approach and providing individualized care. We’re all on different journeys, with different starting places. Each person is unique, and each person has a purpose. Let’s come together and connect in a way that will be effective for you, your goals, and your needs.

I will provide a safe, judgement-free environment to explore any areas of life in which you desire to change/improve. I accept you for who you are and listen with intention. Your experiences, values, and perspectives are respected and will be heard. I’m here to give you the support you need to grow and create positive change. Let’s find your peace and purpose!

In my clinical practice, I utilize an eclectic approach to counseling, utilizing a variety of evidence-based interventions and techniques based on you and your unique needs/journey.

Interventions and techniques include one or more of the following: Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), art therapy-informed techniques, family therapy interventions, and trauma-focused interventions. I adhere to person-centered planning standards and believe that for the counseling process to be successful, it must be a collaborative relationship between the counselor and client.

Counseling Experience

I have experience in working with children, teens, young adults, and families with substantial experience working with individuals ages 7 to 21 years old. I have a focus in a variety of areas such as trauma, depression, self-harming, self-esteem, anxiety, LGBTQIA+, and life transitions/adjustments.


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