Ben Smith

Ben Smith

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As we progress through our lives it is undeniable that we will face struggles. While we are often able to deal with those struggles on our own that is not always the case. In those times when we are unable to fully move through our struggles it can be helpful to have another party be included in this process who can help us move towards a more healthy resolution. That is where working with a therapist can aid us in our time of need. I strive to provide a warm and safe environment where one can feel heard and understood without any fear of judgment.

I tend to favor a Cognitive-Behavioral approach with those I work with. CBT works with our thoughts and how they interact with our behaviors and feelings in order to promote a more healthy experience for the individual. It is important to realize that no one single approach works well with everyone and I have been trained to meet the person where they are at.

I have experience in working with people who struggle with anxiety, depression, changes/adjustments in life, trauma, substance use, body image, anger, and relationship issues. My primary experience is working with the young adult/adult population, with experience in working with the elderly and older individuals. I also have experience in working with LGBTQIA2s+ individuals.


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