Li Mao

Li Mao

Li Mao, LPC counselor at Lansing Counseling

Are you struggling with anxiety, depression, or an issue related to cultural adaption? Do you have a concern related to your social world? , I serve diverse populations with a variety of presenting problems. I truly believe disability and stress are part of natural human life. By identifying educational, social, medical, psychological, and vocational barriers, each client is finding their interest, strength, and value for their life and career path.
I am a counselor, but I also had training and experience as a medical doctor in China. While I no longer practice as a medical doctor, this experience helps inform my work as a licensed counselor. I am passionate about helping people identify their goals and helping them to make a plan to grow towards their goals.
By emphasizing informed choice, empowerment and the ownership of their choice, each individual maximizes their potential in an inclusive cultural environment. In addition, advocating and raising awareness of mental health and maintaining their integrity in the community are part of my mission. Reach out today to schedule an intake appointment.
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