Nicole Linton

Nicole Linton

Nicole Linton, LLPC counselor at Lansing Counseling

My name is Nicole Linton (she/her), and I would love to meet you. I work with people enduring depression and anxiety, and assist people adjusting to change in: family, health, identity, school/work, or other new circumstances. I also have both training and personal experience coping with chronic pain, serious medical illness and surgery, although the expert on You will be You! We will work collaboratively to identify problems, create a strategy for addressing them, and point you in the direction of achieving your goals.
If life seems to be taking you places you weren’t looking to go, or if life just isn’t how you want it to be, there’s hope. Sone of my other areas of education and experience include: LGBTQ-Affirmative Counseling, Human Sexuality, Co-Occurring Disorders, Motivational Interviewing, Mindfulness and Pain Management, and Issues in Domestic Violence.
Anxiety, depression, and chronic illness/pain all strain our sense of control over our lives, and can prevent us from making the lives we desire. Likewise, a transition in our life journey (or that of a loved one) can leave us questioning our ability to handle the inevitable stress of change. I know that you CAN deal with these issues, and I’m here to help.

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