Cheryl Fosgate

Cheryl Fosgate

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I am a therapist with a variety of skills, education and past work experience.  I like to think of myself as eclectic.  I see therapy as a safe and supportive place to explore your personal feelings, issues, joys, frustrations, dilemmas and concerns, all in a "Judgement Free" zone.   I believe that everyone needs help now and again and I can offer you suggestions/ideas from a perspective that is different from yours.  Sometimes a different perspective is all you need to navigate safely and gracefully over the mountain in front of you.  Sometimes you need more which brings me back to my eclectic skills.  I can help you deal with depression, anxiety, anger management, life changes and adjustments, grief and loss, eating issues and/or disorders, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, ADHD, substance abuse, low self esteem, family issues including childhood trauma, abuse and/or neglect, domestic violence, social discomfort, suicidal thoughts and/or self harming behaviors just to name a few.  Schedule an appointment today and let me help you make the change that you want to see!

My understanding of counseling comes from many different theoretical orientations with a primary emphasis on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). I believe that clients have the solutions to their dilemmas within themselves. We have the freedom to choose what directions our life takes and the responsibility to take control of that freedom. Therefore, the counselor does not have the “answers” to the client’s “problem” but is a facilitator of the process that helps the client take responsibility and action and come to a resolution.

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