Welcome to Lansing Counseling

Welcome to Lansing Counseling

Lansing Counseling’s mission is to provide access to mental healthcare for MSU students as well as people living in the East Lansing community. We offer anxiety and depression therapy and counseling to adults, adolescents, and teens - and we provide couples counseling and family counseling.

We take several types of insurance, so make sure to let us know which insurance you have when contacting us. You can contact us about counseling and therapy services in East Lansing, MI by clicking here or by going to LansingCounseling.com/contact.

How We Can Help

Our licensed counselors, social workers, and therapists help adults, teens, and families manage anxiety and depression, heal from grief and trauma, and grow through life transitions.



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Identity Concerns

Managing Emotions

Life Transitions

Latest Articles

Is Anxiety Keeping You Up at Night?

For people who struggle with anxiety, invasive thoughts and worries can leave them struggling to fall asleep and stay asleep. Even when they’re exhausted, it seems like the second their head hits the pillow, their mind starts to race thinking about things that went wrong that day or something that ...

Best Practices for Managing Depression Symptoms in the Moment

While depression is one of the most common concerns among our clients at Lansing Counseling, that doesn’t make it any less painful and difficult for those who are currently struggling with the effects of depression. Symptoms of depression range from mild to severe, and sadness is only one of them. ...

Best Practices for Managing Anxiety Symptoms in the Moment

While you may have developed anxiety at a young age or have deep-seeded reasons for your anxious thinking, anxiety is a present-tense feeling that needs present-tense solutions. When anxiety arises, it’s important to be prepared to meet these strong emotions, accept them, and develop the necessary skills to manage and ...

Is Mindfulness the Answer to College Student Stress & Anxiety?

Going off to college has always been a potentially stress-inducing time for young people, but over the past few years, the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic has caused increasing levels of stress and anxiety for college students. As these challenges don’t seem to be going away any time soon, it’s essential ...

My passion is to help you…

Better understand your story

Achieve greater balance in managing your mental health

Overcome barriers to being your most authentic self

…so that you can feel empowered to tackle your fears and continue to grow through life!


My passion is to help you…

Cope with your depression

Feel empowered and a sense of control

Reduce your anxiety

…so that you can maximize your potential and improve your mental health!


My passion is to help you …

Heal from trauma 

Work through anxiety & depression

Navigate relationship issues

…so you can go from struggling to thriving!


My passion is to help you …

Cope with depression and anxiety

Improve your self-care practices

Navigate relationship issues

…so you can improve your well-being!


My passion is to help you …

Cope with chronic pain and illness

Improve your self-care practices

Improve your anxiety and depression

…so you can experience relief from suffering!


My passion is to help you …

Process your trauma

Strengthen your relationships

Cope with life stressors

…so you can move towards healing and feel less alone!


Hi, I'm Tim!

My passion is to help you …

Manage your anxiety 

Discover your true identity

Navigate relationship issues

…so you can live a more meaningful life!

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