Melissa Ridge

Melissa Ridge

Melissa Ridge, LLPC counselor at Lansing Counseling

Are you or your child struggling with changes in mood? Anger? Depression? Anxiety? Negative behaviors? Trauma? Feeling hopeless? Do you feel your relationships are crumbling? Are worried because you feel disconnected from your child or others? Together we can restore and provide hope. These thoughts and feelings do not have to continue. Through therapy, these negative experiences can change and life can be more uplifing and content. You or your child can find enjoyment in your everyday life, can be joyful instead of angry and have less depression, anxiety, or negative behaviors. Previous trauma can be worked through.
Therapy takes time, motivation, patience and change. It is also something that your child deserves and is well worth the effort. Through integrated therapy techniques, teaching new and healthy coping skills, and mindfulness activities; you or your child can learn to communicate in a healthy way. You will learn healthy tools!
Thoughts and emotions are strong and can be confusing. Low feelings of self-worth are hard to overcome. Previous trauma can wreak havoc on you or your child's present life. Having someone to listen, share some ideas and healthy tools makes a difference. You or your child can be healthy and happy again. Call to set up an appointment.

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