Christopher Ortega

Christopher Ortega

Counseling with Chris Ortega

Sometimes, we find ourselves dealing with stressful times and challenging moments in life. That’s tough enough; however, when you toss in negative self-talk that enhances unproductive behavior, it often makes things even more difficult. While these moments may seem overwhelming, feel as though you can’t catch a break or that things just are not working out, you don’t have to deal with them alone.

Counseling is designed to help you gain valuable tools to combat mental health issues that arise, whether you are suffering from depression, anxiety, trauma, suicidal thoughts, grief, anger, or need help developing productive and positive coping skills. Counseling allows you to gain back control, develop coping skills, and utilize psychotherapeutic techniques that will enable you to succeed not only during the therapeutic process but apply them to everyday life.

Let me help you change that negative self-talk into positive self-talk and, in return, allow you to alter those negative and unproductive behaviors. As a cognitive-behavioral therapist, I can help you learn and utilize CBT skills to help you enhance and take back control of your life. While I predominantly work from a CBT perspective, every individual is different. As such, I view every person as an individual and tailor your treatment to the best psychotherapeutic approach to aid in your recovery. Remember, no matter how complex or life-altering an event is, you do not have to feel alone. Reach out today to schedule an intake appointment.


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